Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sock Summit

No, I won't be headed to Sock Summit in August. I wish I was. But the lovely Rita, of Yarn Hollow will be and a selection of my spindles are going with her. Look for Yarn Hollow with SpinSanity Spindles in booth #925.

Since I'm a fairly small operation and haven't traveled across country as a vendor, I never really gave it much thought as to how one gets their stock from point A to point B. I have my stuff down to a couple of bins, a table, a large rug (to protect the spindles from concrete floors) that folds down quite small and personal belongings (clothes, toothbrush, spindles/kniting and travel wheel)...with some creative packing, it all fits in the back of my car. But Rita has a huge selection of fibers and yarns. HUGE. And driving that far with truck, trailer or motor home doesn't seem all that cost effective.

So how does it get from MI to OR? It's shipped. Her stock needs to go out on 7/27 in order to be in OR on time. My spindles need to get to her next week, in order to be packed in with her stock.


I'm spindlating as fast as I can.