Friday, January 4, 2008

Custom Orders

Etsian brondesjen asked for a sunflower

January08 pics 015

and another based on the 12 star Flag of Europe
(with temperature changes, my paints weren't cooperating...I had to make this one twice)
January08 pics 018

Etsian knittycat81 really likes my stained flower spindle but prefers her spindles a little heavier. I was happy to make her a double flower whorl that topped out at 1.99 ounces
January08 pics 001

January08 pics 005

I don't usually like spindles much over an ounce
but this one has a great spin.
I even tested it as a bottom whorl
January08 pics 025
To use a top whorl as a bottom-- spiral the yarn up the shaft toward the shaft end, wrap the yarn once around your thumb (as always, click for big)
January08 pics 031
and slip over the tip of the spindle, like a backward loop cast on.
January08 pics 032

January08 pics 036

I'm very pleased with the spin and am now offering this as a special order.
I'm going to have to make one for myself.
Now that the holidays are over, the kids are back in school and I'm caught up on my custom orders, I really will be working on some new designs for the shop!

If you love Kai's alien spindle, look for a clone of it soon.