Thursday, March 20, 2008

Now working on very special Spinning Kits!

This is the first of my new spinning kits, including everything you need to get started or add to your collection--

1. Hand-painted paisley flower spindle (.8 oz, 10.5 inches tall), and 1 oz of easy drafting Michigan border leicester roving, all packaged in a lovely paisley floral divided box with room for 2-4 spindles and fiber.

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spinning kit #1, closed

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

my spindles in Australia!

Back in July, PR, a Knitty Coffeeshop member bought one of my spindles. She came back for a custom design. Since I knew a little of her tastes, I consulted her on a kind of crazy spindle (black w/pink filigree, which was inspired by a design on a tshirt which I then learned was the trademarked logo of a certain band) I made but wasn't sure I could sell. She bought the spindle before it ever hit the shop--proclaiming it perfect for her Australian friend who was coming for a visit and wanted to learn to spin.

Emma, the recipient of that spindle, really took to spinning (YAY, another one bites the dust!). Back home in Australia, Emma ordered another so she could teach her mother to spin. Then she joined a spinning and weaving guild, taking her spindles to meetings. Her guild members (apparently mostly wheel spinners) were fascinated. Recently, I shipped off an order for six Simple Oaks--purchased by members of Emma's spinning guild.

February08 pics 050

And I received the following email...

Hi Shannon,

My name is Marion and I am President of the Nambucca Valley Spinners & Weavers Group that received your spindles. I was wondering if you could email some back-ground info on yourself and your spindles. Photos would be great so that the girls know a little more about their spindles history.

After using heavy bottom weight spindles we are finding out that "drop spindle" is just what we are doing, but we will get it together. We also have 2 more names for spindles so when we have a few more we will order through Emma.

Thanks for giving us a renewed interest in an old craft.


Wow. This is the coolest thing ever. Really. Thank you so much, PR, Emma and Marion.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

here fishy, fishy, fishy

March08 pics 008
custom order
Hey, it's notched!