Thursday, March 20, 2008

Now working on very special Spinning Kits!

This is the first of my new spinning kits, including everything you need to get started or add to your collection--

1. Hand-painted paisley flower spindle (.8 oz, 10.5 inches tall), and 1 oz of easy drafting Michigan border leicester roving, all packaged in a lovely paisley floral divided box with room for 2-4 spindles and fiber.

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spinning kit #1, closed


bindifry said...

i just received this, but have not begun. here's a photo

lovely flowers & box! i also love the spindle that is painted on the side, too.
you help us spin-curious people get past the intimidation with such a happy spindle packed with goodies!
(btw i blogged about you at
and also have you linked.

jeanius said...

what a cool idea! You spindles are so pretty! I think I am going to have to order one for my birthday in june!