Thursday, February 21, 2008


Some new stuff in the shop...

February08 pics 110
February08 pics 104
February08 pics 122

This was meant for the shop as well
February08 pics 099
the shaft end
(turned on the lathe by my son Alex)
February08 pics 100
but I love it so much
I couldn't bear to part with it
I'm sorry.
It has a lovely spin
(kid mohair)
February08 pics 061
I set up my photo shoot area but still need to work on quality...the backdrop is the same in each of these pics but all are different colors. Part of that is from my playing with editing software but they should all be the same if I did the same edits, right? Wugh.

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Holly Bee said...

I just can't believe how beautiful those are!!! You are a spindle beast!!!