Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Spindles

I've been working...

november pics 051

Like this?

november pics 065

Stop in at Threadbear Fiber Arts, though it may have found a new home by now.

I need to make another for the shop.

Check Threadbear for "Purple Heart" (right) as well.

(filagree hearts is listed)

november pics 063

"Black Sheep" (inspired by the following spindle) will be listed as soon as it dries.

november pics 101

This one's a special request for my daughter, Em.

november pics 092

And this, a custom order for a friend.

november pics 090


michelle said...

Your work is just beautiful!! Never heard of these before but I saw them on a blog I like to read( http://www.knitwithsnotforyou.blogspot.com/ ) and had to check it out!! Have you thought of making a video using one for your blog? I would love to see one in action!

Uli said...

I love your spindles and will stop by soon at your shop to buy one... my favourite ones have sold recently but I like the snowflake one.

Wonderful blog, too.

Holly Bee said...

LOVE the new ones!! I loved the old ones too, but you've really out done yourself.

I'll pratice with my plain one...I'll treat my self to a fancy one when I get a little better.

Stop laughing! Ok, I'll just buy another one and put them in a pretty pitcher.

Hey! Thanks for reading Michelle!!

jeanius said...

I LOVE the sheep spindle!